Sample Webform Component

In each of these examples, the word "component" should be replaced with the, name of the component type (such as textfield or select). These are not actual hooks, but instead samples of how Webform integrates with its own built-in components.


Namesort descending Location Description
_webform_analysis_component modules/contrib/webform/webform.api.php Calculate and returns statistics about results for this component.
_webform_csv_data_component modules/contrib/webform/webform.api.php Format the submitted data of a component for CSV downloading.
_webform_csv_headers_component modules/contrib/webform/webform.api.php Return the header for this component to be displayed in a CSV file.
_webform_defaults_component modules/contrib/webform/webform.api.php Specify the default properties of a component.
_webform_delete_component modules/contrib/webform/webform.api.php Delete operation for a component or submission.
_webform_display_component modules/contrib/webform/webform.api.php Display the result of a submission for a component.
_webform_edit_component modules/contrib/webform/webform.api.php Generate the form for editing a component.
_webform_help_component modules/contrib/webform/webform.api.php Module specific instance of hook_help().
_webform_render_component modules/contrib/webform/webform.api.php Render a Webform component to be part of a form.
_webform_submit_component modules/contrib/webform/webform.api.php A hook for changing the input values before saving to the database.
_webform_table_component modules/contrib/webform/webform.api.php Return the result of a component value for display in a table.
_webform_theme_component modules/contrib/webform/webform.api.php Module specific instance of hook_theme().


modules/contrib/webform/webform.api.php, line 529
Sample hooks demonstrating usage in Webform.