function hook_views_invalidate_cache

nittany7 views.api.php hook_views_invalidate_cache()
cis7 views.api.php hook_views_invalidate_cache()
mooc7 views.api.php hook_views_invalidate_cache()

Allow modules to respond to the Views cache being invalidated.

This hook should fire whenever a view is enabled, disabled, created, updated, or deleted.

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1 invocation of hook_views_invalidate_cache()
views_invalidate_cache in modules/contrib/views/views.module
Invalidate the views cache, forcing a rebuild on the next grab of table data.


modules/contrib/views/views.api.php, line 1096
Describe hooks provided by the Views module.


function hook_views_invalidate_cache() {
  cache_clear_all('views:*', 'cache_mymodule', TRUE);