function devel_shutdown

nittany7 devel.module devel_shutdown()
cis7 devel.module devel_shutdown()
mooc7 devel.module devel_shutdown()

Runs on shutdown to clean up and display developer information.

devel_boot() registers this function as a shutdown function. The bulk of the work is done in devel_shutdown_real().

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modules/contrib/devel/devel.module, line 1012


function devel_shutdown() {
  // Register the real shutdown function so it runs later than other shutdown functions.

  global $devel_run_id;
  $devel_run_id = devel_xhprof_is_enabled() ? devel_shutdown_xhprof() : NULL;
  if ($devel_run_id && function_exists('drush_log')) {
    drush_log('xhprof link: ' . devel_xhprof_link($devel_run_id, 'url'), 'notice');