function date_default_timezone_object

nittany7 date_api.module date_default_timezone_object($check_user = TRUE)
cis7 date_api.module date_default_timezone_object($check_user = TRUE)
mooc7 date_api.module date_default_timezone_object($check_user = TRUE)

Returns a timezone object for the default timezone.


bool $check_user: (optional) Whether or not to check for a user-configured timezone. Defaults to TRUE.

Return value

object The default timezone for a user, if available, otherwise the site.

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modules/contrib/date/date_api/date_api.module, line 1763
This module will make the date API available to other modules. Designed to provide a light but flexible assortment of functions and constants, with more functionality in additional files that are not loaded unless other modules specifically include them.


function date_default_timezone_object($check_user = TRUE) {
  return timezone_open(date_default_timezone($check_user));