class CtoolsObjectCache

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Test object cache storage.


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modules/contrib/ctools/tests/object_cache.test, line 10
Tests for different parts of the ctools object caching system.

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class CtoolsObjectCache extends DrupalWebTestCase {
  public static function getInfo() {
    return array(
      'name' => 'Ctools object cache storage',
      'description' => 'Verify that objects are written, readable and lockable.',
      'group' => 'Chaos Tools Suite',

  public function setUp() {
    // Additionally enable ctools module.

  public function testObjectStorage() {
    $account1 = $this->drupalCreateUser(array());

    $data = array(
      'test1' => 'foobar',

    ctools_object_cache_set('testdata', 'one', $data);
    $this->assertEqual($data, ctools_object_cache_get('testdata', 'one'), 'Object cache data successfully stored');

    // TODO Test object locking somehow.
    // Object locking/testing works on session_id but simpletest uses
    // $this->session_id so can't be tested ATM.

    ctools_object_cache_clear('testdata', 'one');
    $this->assertFalse(ctools_object_cache_get('testdata', 'one'), 'Object cache data successfully cleared');

    // TODO Test ctools_object_cache_clear_all somehow...
    // ctools_object_cache_clear_all requires session_id funtionality as well.