function backup_migrate_item::create

nittany7 backup_migrate_item::create($params = array())
mooc7 backup_migrate_item::create($params = array())

Create a new items with the given input. Doesn't load the parameters, but could use them to determine what type to create.

1 call to backup_migrate_item::create()
backup_migrate_item::all_items in modules/contrib/backup_migrate/includes/
Get all of the given items.
1 method overrides backup_migrate_item::create()
backup_migrate_destination::create in modules/contrib/backup_migrate/includes/
Create a new destination of the correct type.


modules/contrib/backup_migrate/includes/, line 609
CRUD functions for backup and migrate types (schedules, profiles etc.).


A base class for items which can be stored in the database, listed, edited, deleted etc.


function create($params = array()) {
  $type = get_class($this);
  return new $type($params);