function admin_menu_suppress

nittany7 admin_menu.module admin_menu_suppress($set = TRUE)
cis7 admin_menu.module admin_menu_suppress($set = TRUE)
mooc7 admin_menu.module admin_menu_suppress($set = TRUE)

Suppress display of administration menu.

This function should be called from within another module's page callback (preferably using module_invoke()) when the menu should not be displayed. This is useful for modules that implement popup pages or other special pages where the menu would be distracting or break the layout.


$set: Defaults to TRUE. If called before hook_footer(), the menu will not be displayed. If FALSE is passed, the suppression state is returned.

1 call to admin_menu_suppress()
admin_menu_page_build in modules/contrib/admin_menu/admin_menu.module
Implements hook_page_build().


modules/contrib/admin_menu/admin_menu.module, line 261
Render an administrative menu as a dropdown menu at the top of the window.


function admin_menu_suppress($set = TRUE) {
  static $suppress = FALSE;
  // drupal_add_js() must only be invoked once.
  if (!empty($set) && $suppress === FALSE) {
    $suppress = TRUE;
    drupal_add_js(array('admin_menu' => array('suppress' => 1)), 'setting');
  return $suppress;