Language negotiation options

Functions for language negotiation.

There are functions that provide the ability to identify the language. This behavior can be controlled by various options.


Namesort descending Location Description
locale_language_from_browser includes/ Identify language from the Accept-language HTTP header we got.
locale_language_from_interface includes/ Identifies the language from the current interface language.
locale_language_from_session includes/ Identify language from a request/session parameter.
locale_language_from_url includes/ Identify language via URL prefix or domain.
locale_language_from_user includes/ Identify language from the user preferences.
locale_language_switcher_session includes/ Return the session language switcher block.
locale_language_switcher_url includes/ Return the URL language switcher block. Translation links may be provided by other modules.
locale_language_url_fallback includes/ Determines the language to be assigned to URLs when none is detected.
locale_language_url_rewrite_session includes/ Rewrite URLs for the Session language provider.
locale_language_url_rewrite_url includes/ Rewrite URLs for the URL language provider.


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Administration functions for locale.module.