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boost.install modules/contrib/boost/boost.install Handles Boost module installation and upgrade tasks.
boost.module modules/contrib/boost/boost.module Caches generated output as a static file to be served directly from the webserver. modules/contrib/boost/boost_crawler/ Admin page callbacks for the boost_crawler module. modules/contrib/boost/boost_crawler/ name = Boost Crawler description = Minimal crawler to regenerate the cache as pages are expired. package = Performance and scalability core = 7.x files[] = boost_crawler.module recommends[] = boost dependencies[] = httprl configure =…
boost_crawler.module modules/contrib/boost/boost_crawler/boost_crawler.module Minimal crawler to regenerate the cache as pages are expired. modules/contrib/boxes/
boxes.css modules/contrib/boxes/boxes.css .script-placeholder { padding:100px 0px; text-align:center; } /* Default state */ .boxes-box-controls .cancel { display:none; } /* Editing state */ .boxes-box-editing .boxes-box-controls .edit { display:none; } .boxes-box-editing… modules/contrib/boxes/ name = "Boxes" description = "Provides exports for custom blocks and spaces integration." core = 7.x dependencies[] = "ctools" dependencies[] = "block" files[] = boxes.module files[] = files[] =…
boxes.install modules/contrib/boxes/boxes.install Install, update and uninstall functions for the boxes module.
boxes.module modules/contrib/boxes/boxes.module
boxes.test modules/contrib/boxes/tests/boxes.test modules/contrib/boxes/plugins/ modules/contrib/boxes/plugins/
boxes_spaces.test modules/contrib/boxes/tests/boxes_spaces.test
break.css modules/contrib/wysiwyg/plugins/break/break.css .wysiwyg-break { display: block; border: 0; border-top: 1px dotted #ccc; margin-top: 1em; width: 100%; height: 12px; background: transparent url(images/breaktext.gif) no-repeat center top; } modules/contrib/wysiwyg/plugins/ Wysiwyg API integration on behalf of Node module.
bulk_export.css modules/contrib/ctools/bulk_export/bulk_export.css .export-container { width: 48%; float: left; padding: 5px 1% 0; } .export-container table { width: 100%; } .export-container table input, .export-container table th, .export-container table td { padding: 0 0 .2em .5em; margin: 0; … modules/contrib/ctools/bulk_export/ name = Bulk Export description = Performs bulk exporting of data objects known about by Chaos tools. core = 7.x dependencies[] = ctools package = Chaos tool suite ; Information added by packaging script on 2013-04-03 version =…
bulk_export.module modules/contrib/ctools/bulk_export/bulk_export.module Perform bulk exports.
button.css modules/contrib/ctools/css/button.css .ctools-button-processed { border-style: solid; border-width: 1px; display: inline-block; line-height: 1; } .ctools-button-processed:hover { cursor: pointer; } .ctools-button-processed .ctools-content { padding-bottom: 2px; … modules/contrib/ctools/includes/ Plugins to handle cache-indirection. modules/contrib/views/includes/ Load Views' data so that it knows what is available to build queries from. modules/contrib/ctools/includes/ Contains plugin type registration information for the cache tool. modules/contrib/coder/coder_upgrade/conversions/ modules/contrib/entity/modules/ Provides various callbacks for the whole core module integration.
cdn.admin.css modules/contrib/cdn/cdn.admin.css .cdn-settings .advanced-help-link { padding-right: 3px; } modules/contrib/cdn/ Settings administration UI. modules/contrib/cdn/ Logic for advanced mode ("File Conveyor mode" in the UI). modules/contrib/cdn/ Overrides of Drupal's CSS aggregation system. Ensures that files referenced by CSS files are also served from the CDN, according to the CDN module's CSS aggregation rules. modules/contrib/cdn/ Far Future expiration setting for basic mode. modules/contrib/cdn/ Logic for basic mode ("Origin Pull mode" in the UI). modules/contrib/cdn/ Constants used by the CDN module.
cdn.css modules/contrib/cdn/cdn.css #cdn-integration-page-stats li { list-style-type: square; margin: 0px 0px 0.25em 1.5em; } #cdn-integration-page-stats .file-list li { list-style-type: decimal; } #cdn-integration-page-stats .file-link .touch-link { display:… modules/contrib/cdn/ Fallback when hook_file_url_alter() is not available (i.e. when the core patch is not installed or when not using Pressflow): use the Parallel module's logic (with some adaptations to be able to use the CDN module's logic (in particular:… modules/contrib/cdn/ name = CDN description = "Integrates your site with a CDN, through altering file URLs." core = 7.x package = Performance and scalability configure = admin/config/development/cdn files[] = cdn.test ; Information added by…
cdn.install modules/contrib/cdn/cdn.install Install, update and uninstall functions for the CDN module.
cdn.module modules/contrib/cdn/cdn.module Implements the core hooks, public and private functions. modules/contrib/cdn/ Per-page CDN integration statistics functionality.
cdn.test modules/contrib/cdn/cdn.test Test CDN.
chamfer-alpha-default-narrow.css themes/contrib/chamfer/css/chamfer-alpha-default-narrow.css /* This file will hold styles that are loaded using the same media query as the narrow grid. */ /* If you are using the default media queries provided by Omega, these styles will also * apply to the normal and widescreen layouts. You may override…
chamfer-alpha-default-normal.css themes/contrib/chamfer/css/chamfer-alpha-default-normal.css /* This file will hold styles that are loaded using the same media query as the normal grid. */ /* If you are using the default media queries provided by Omega, these styles will also * apply to the widescreen layout unless they are overridden by…
chamfer-alpha-default-wide.css themes/contrib/chamfer/css/chamfer-alpha-default-wide.css /* This file will hold styles that are loaded using the same media query as the wide grid. */ #zone-menu .region-menu a { font-size:1.4em; }
chamfer-alpha-default.css themes/contrib/chamfer/css/chamfer-alpha-default.css /* This file will hold styles for all layouts using the alpha grid (i.e. not the mobile layout). */ .book-navigation { bottom:auto; left:auto; position:relative; width:auto; background-color:transparent; z-index:auto; … themes/contrib/chamfer/ name = 'Chamfer' description = 'Drupal 7 responsive version of Chamfer built on top of Omega framework.' core = '7.x' engine = 'phptemplate' screenshot = 'screenshot.png' base theme =… modules/contrib/chamfer_defaults/ modules/contrib/chamfer_defaults/ modules/contrib/chamfer_defaults/ modules/contrib/chamfer_defaults/ name = Chamfer defaults description = Context and Boxes utilized to create chamfer's default layout core = 7.x package = Features php = 5.2.4 dependencies[] = boxes dependencies[] = context dependencies[] = context_condition_theme dependencies[]…
chamfer_defaults.module modules/contrib/chamfer_defaults/chamfer_defaults.module Code for the Chamfer settings feature.
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