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cis_connector.api.php cis_connector.api.php CIS Connector API documentation. name = CIS Connector description = Provides structure to bridge CIS data source to other distributions core = 7.x package = CIS dependencies[] = httprl files[] = ''
cis_connector.install cis_connector.install Install the CIS connector cache table.
cis_connector.module cis_connector.module CIS Connector, library to build an ELMS learning network. Views integration to allow CIS querying via UI. features/cis_connector_views/ features/cis_connector_views/ name = CIS Connector Views description = Display CIS data in other drupal sites by using the CIS edu registry core = 7.x package = CIS Connector dependencies[] = cis_connector dependencies[] = views dependencies[] =…
cis_connector_views.module features/cis_connector_views/cis_connector_views.module Code for the CIS Connector Views feature. features/cis_connector_views/ Definition of cis_connector_views_plugin_display_extender. modules/cis_filter/ name = CIS Filter description = Input filter to interpret CIS style shortcodes core = 7.x package = CIS files[] = cis_filter.module dependencies[] = cis_connector
cis_filter.module modules/cis_filter/cis_filter.module Input filter to process CIS style shortcodes. features/cis_helpdesk_issue/ features/cis_helpdesk_issue/ features/cis_helpdesk_issue/ features/cis_helpdesk_issue/ features/cis_helpdesk_issue/ name = CIS Helpdesk Issue description = Issue content type for standardizing how issues are submitted across the network core = 7.x package = CIS Connector php = 5.2.4 dependencies[] = auto_nodetitle dependencies[] = ctools dependencies[] =…
cis_helpdesk_issue.module features/cis_helpdesk_issue/cis_helpdesk_issue.module Code for the CIS Helpdesk Issue feature. features/cis_helpdesk_issue/ modules/cis_remote_watchdog/ name = CIS Remote Watchdog description = Allows CIS distributions to offload their watchdog requests to the remote_watchdog distribution. core = 7.x package = CIS dependencies[] = cis_connector
cis_remote_watchdog.module modules/cis_remote_watchdog/cis_remote_watchdog.module Reroute watchdog logs from this site to a related service.
cis_section.api.php features/cis_section/cis_section.api.php CIS Section API
cis_section.css features/cis_section/cis_section.css /* CSS Document */ /* Hide group access controls, they should always be default of private */ #edit-group-access { display:none; } features/cis_section/ features/cis_section/ features/cis_section/ features/cis_section/ features/cis_section/ name = CIS Section description = Establishes the OG defaults for CIS based distros core = 7.x package = CIS Connector dependencies[] = cis_connector dependencies[] = clone dependencies[] = ctools dependencies[] = features dependencies[] =…
cis_section.module features/cis_section/cis_section.module Code for the CIS Section feature. features/cis_section/ features/cis_section/ modules/cis_service_activation_codes/ Admin page callbacks for the cis_service_activation_codes module.
cis_service_activation_codes.css modules/cis_service_activation_codes/cis_service_activation_codes.css #activation_code_form{ position:fixed; text-align:left; width: 268px; left:10px; bottom:0px; background:transparent; font-size:14px; z-index:500; color:#FFF; line-height:1.4em; } #activation_code_form .mac_main h3{ … modules/cis_service_activation_codes/ name = CIS Service Activation codes description = Provides integration between a CIS Service and the activation code entity type in CIS core = 7.x package = CIS dependencies[] = cis_connector
cis_service_activation_codes.install modules/cis_service_activation_codes/cis_service_activation_codes.install Install routine to set up activation code things.
cis_service_activation_codes.module modules/cis_service_activation_codes/cis_service_activation_codes.module Activation code integration with CIS. instance_data/cis_service_cle/ instance_data/cis_service_cle/ name = CIS Service CLE description = Connections between a CIS Service and CLE core = 7.x package = CIS Service Instance php = 5.2.4 dependencies[] = cis_connector dependencies[] = views features[ctools][] =…
cis_service_cle.module instance_data/cis_service_cle/cis_service_cle.module Code for the CIS Service CLE feature. instance_data/cis_service_cle/
cis_service_connection.api.php modules/cis_service_connection/cis_service_connection.api.php API for settings certain service connection data at intervals. modules/cis_service_connection/ name = CIS Service Connection description = Provides a data bridge between CIS service distros and a CIS data source core = 7.x package = CIS files[] = cis_service_connection.module files[] = cis_service_connection.install dependencies[] =…
cis_service_connection.install modules/cis_service_connection/cis_service_connection.install Install routine to set the front page to a default.
cis_service_connection.module modules/cis_service_connection/cis_service_connection.module Define links for a unified experience across systems. features/cis_service_connection_ux/
cis_service_connection_ux.css features/cis_service_connection_ux/cis_service_connection_ux.css /* CSS Document */ #regions_admin_left { margin-left:0em; } #regions_admin_left h2.left-heading { font-size:1.2em; } #regions_admin_left #block-menu-menu-cis-toolkit h2{ text-transform:uppercase; font-size:1em; } #regions_admin_left… features/cis_service_connection_ux/ features/cis_service_connection_ux/ features/cis_service_connection_ux/ features/cis_service_connection_ux/


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