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File namesort descending Location Namespace Description modules/contrib/ldap/ldap_authorization/tests/1197636/ ldap_authentication test data modules/contrib/ldap/ldap_authorization/tests/1197636/ ldap_authorization test data modules/contrib/ldap/ldap_authorization/tests/1197636/ simpletest fake data
1197636.test modules/contrib/ldap/ldap_authorization/tests/1197636/1197636.test see getInfo() for test summary
about.html modules/contrib/views/help/about.html
about.html modules/contrib/ctools/page_manager/help/about.html
about.html modules/contrib/ctools/help/about.html
about.html modules/contrib/nodequeue/help/about.html modules/contrib/feeds_tamper/plugins/ Make URLs absolute. modules/contrib/entityreference/plugins/selection/ Abstraction of the selection logic of an entity reference field. modules/contrib/entityreference/plugins/behavior/
Access-Plugins--Determining-access-and-visibility.html modules/contrib/ctools/ctools_plugin_example/help/Access-Plugins--Determining-access-and-visibility.html modules/contrib/ctools/includes/ Theme function for wrapping menu local actions.
action.class.php modules/contrib/views_bulk_operations/plugins/operation_types/action.class.php Defines the class for core actions. Belongs to the "action" operation type plugin. modules/contrib/views_bulk_operations/plugins/operation_types/ CTools plugin. Provides support for core actions. modules/contrib/views_bulk_operations/ name = Actions permissions (VBO) description = Provides permission-based access control for actions. Used by Views Bulk Operations. package = Administration core = 7.x ; Information added by packaging script on 2013-06-28 version =…
actions_permissions.module modules/contrib/views_bulk_operations/actions_permissions.module modules/contrib/activation_code/ name = "Activation Code" description = "Provides an Entity type of activation code for creating unique codes that can be registered by users for verifying purchase of access to things." core = 7.x package =…
activation_code.install modules/contrib/activation_code/activation_code.install Install, update and uninstall functions for the activation_code module.
activation_code.module modules/contrib/activation_code/activation_code.module Creates an entity type of activation code and has helper functions to manage them modules/contrib/addanother/ name = "Add another" description = "Presents users with an option to create another node of the same type after a node is added." core = 7.x package = User interface files[] = addanother.module files[] = addanother.install files[]…
addanother.install modules/contrib/addanother/addanother.install Install, update and uninstall functions for the Add another module.
addanother.module modules/contrib/addanother/addanother.module Presents users with an option to create another node of the same type after a node is added.
addanother.test modules/contrib/addanother/addanother.test Unit tests for Add another module.
admin.css modules/contrib/oauth/css/admin.css .oauth-common-left-panel { float: left; width: 50%; } .oauth-common-right-panel { float: right; width: 49.9%; } .oauth-common-auth-level { border-bottom: 1px solid #999999; margin-bottom: 1em; } .oauth-common-auth-level > div… modules/contrib/views/includes/ Provides the Views' administrative interface. modules/contrib/admin_menu/admin_devel/ name = Administration Development tools description = Administration and debugging functionality for developers and site builders. package = Administration core = 7.x scripts[] = admin_devel.js ; Information added by packaging script on…
admin_devel.module modules/contrib/admin_menu/admin_devel/admin_devel.module Administration and debugging functionality for developers and site builders.
admin_menu-rtl.css modules/contrib/admin_menu/admin_menu-rtl.css #admin-menu { text-align: right; } #admin-menu .dropdown .admin-menu-users a { background-position: 10% center; padding-left: 22px; padding-right: 0; } #admin-menu .dropdown .admin-menu-action, #admin-menu .dropdown .admin-menu-search { …
admin_menu.api.php modules/contrib/admin_menu/admin_menu.api.php API documentation for Administration menu.
admin_menu.color.css modules/contrib/admin_menu/admin_menu.color.css Administration menu color override.
admin_menu.css modules/contrib/admin_menu/admin_menu.css Administration menu. modules/contrib/admin_menu/ Menu builder functions for Administration menu. modules/contrib/admin_menu/ name = Administration menu description = "Provides a dropdown menu to most administrative tasks and other common destinations (to users with the proper permissions)." package = Administration core = 7.x configure =…
admin_menu.install modules/contrib/admin_menu/admin_menu.install Install, update, and uninstall functions for the admin menu module. modules/contrib/admin_menu/ Implements hook_admin_menu_map() on behalf of core modules.
admin_menu.module modules/contrib/admin_menu/admin_menu.module Render an administrative menu as a dropdown menu at the top of the window.
admin_menu.test modules/contrib/admin_menu/tests/admin_menu.test Tests for the Administration menu module.
admin_menu.uid1.css modules/contrib/admin_menu/admin_menu.uid1.css Administration menu color override for uid1.
admin_menu_toolbar.css modules/contrib/admin_menu/admin_menu_toolbar/admin_menu_toolbar.css Toolbar style for Administration menu. modules/contrib/admin_menu/admin_menu_toolbar/ name = Administration menu Toolbar style description = A better Toolbar. package = Administration core = 7.x dependencies[] = admin_menu ; Information added by packaging script on 2013-01-31 version = "7.x-3.0-rc4" core =…
admin_menu_toolbar.install modules/contrib/admin_menu/admin_menu_toolbar/admin_menu_toolbar.install Installation functionality for Administration menu toolbar module.
admin_menu_toolbar.module modules/contrib/admin_menu/admin_menu_toolbar/admin_menu_toolbar.module Renders Administration menu like Toolbar (core) module. modules/contrib/advagg/ Admin page callbacks for the advanced CSS/JS aggregation module. modules/contrib/advagg/ Advanced CSS/JS aggregation module.
advagg.api.php modules/contrib/advagg/advagg.api.php Hooks provided by the AdvAgg module. modules/contrib/advagg/ Advanced CSS/JS aggregation module. modules/contrib/advagg/ Drush commands for Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation. modules/contrib/advagg/ Advanced CSS/JS aggregation module modules/contrib/advagg/ name = Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation description = Aggregates multiple CSS/JS files in a way that prevents 404 from happening when accessing a CSS or JS file. package = Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation core = 7.x configure =…


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