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Contains filters are case sensitve
Namesort descending Description
RDF Mapping API Functions to describe entities and bundles in RDF.
Sanitization functions Functions to sanitize values.
Schema API API to handle database schemas.
Search interface The Drupal search interface manages a global search mechanism.
Standard filters Filters implemented by the filter.module.
Taxonomy indexing Functions to maintain taxonomy indexing.
Translation administration screens Screens for translation administration.
Translation editing/deletion interface Edit and delete translation strings.
Translation import/export API. Functions to import and export translations.
Translation search API Functions to search in translation files.
Update Manager module: file management Update Manager module file management functions.
Update Manager module: install Update Manager module functionality for installing new code.
Update Manager module: update Update Manager module functionality for updating existing code.
Update versions of API functions Functions that are similar to normal API functions, but do not invoke hooks.
Updates from 6.x to 7.x Update functions from 6.x to 7.x.






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